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Sandro Filepepi, also known as Botticelli, was born in 1445 in Florence. He was one of the most important Italian painters, famous during the Florentine Renaissance period and, more generally, of the Italian Renaissance. You will surely be wondering where the name “Botticelli” comes from. It is said to have been a name given to […]

Pomegranate Risotto: how to make it

Pomegranate risotto is a delightful main dish that will be good for an autumn dinner with friends. If you want to impress your diners, read the complete recipe for the preparation of a simple but very sought after dish but… One of the most delicious Italian dishes First, here is the list of ingredients for […]

What to see in Romeo and Giulietta’s town

Although things to do in Italy are definitely so many, Verona is definitely a city to visit and appreciate for its historical and architectural beauty, but also for its heritage of culture and traditions that distinguish it. Here is what to see in Verona: I suggest you 5 places you really should visit.  Places in […]


Discovering Minerals at the Verona Mineral Show

Have you already got plans for the last weekend of November? If you haven’t, I suggest you take a short trip to Verona to see the fantastic Verona Mineral Show! Do you like the idea and want to know more? Well … Romeo and Juliet’s wonderful city has hosted for over fifty years an exciting […]

In Bologna the Fico Eataly World is open

It is the largest agro-food park in the world. So, in short, here is FICO EatalyWorld: 2 hectares of fields and open air stables (with over 200 animals), 40 farm factories, 45 refreshments areas, shops and markets, 6 classrooms, and also educational rides, theater and cinema, and a convention center. Without forgetting, areas dedicated to […]

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