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The Project

Italian Traditions is a project with a distinctly digital spirit, being the brand ambassador for the uniqueness and authenticity of Italian excellence and of all the people behind it making such excellence possible and available to all.
With Italian Traditions, the art, folklore and culture of the Bel paese can be enjoyed from any platform, and lovers of this country can be able , with a simple click, to immerge themselves in the tastes and colours of Italy at its best. is today a digital magazine whose high level editorial quality, is the first form of promotion for the distribution of Made in Italy and its excellence through the advertisement of the mebner companies being part of its network.
Two distinctive features characterize the project: a simple and elegant layout — in which an eye for details enhances the richness of the content –matched by an enjoyable and exciting navigation that combines traditional surfing with a cross-sectional tag and geo-tag structure without ever neglecting the essential elements that make the portal user friendly and aimed at providing good user experience. The fully responsive design allows for enjoyable access to content also fro any mobile device.

With Italian Traditions, Italian excellence is always on.

Italian Traditions means:
• A Multiple cross-channel promotional tool for SMEs

• A Made in Italy digital platform that talks about, describes and promotes Italy

• A visibility and marketing tool that through a selection of content promotes those who make Made in Italy both from an editorial as well as a commercial point of view.

From an editorial perspective Italian traditions emphasizes the virtues of the Bel paese both from the wine and food side (through news, interviews and articles about typical products, recipes, culinary curiosities, protagonists of taste) and from the artistic, cultural and tourist point of view suggesting classic as well as less beaten itineraries, travel tips, unforgettable events and places to explore).

From a commercial point of view, Italian traditions allows its users to discover the companies that genuinely and proudly produce everything that is part of the Made in Italy reality and life-style, by providing a real map that follows the food thread without neglecting the proud Italian values ​​of good living, craftsmanship and hospitality inherent to the identity of the Belpaese.

What distinguishes ITALIAN TRADITIONS from other projects?
The distinguishing feature of ITALIAN TRADITIONS lies in the quality of its editorial content that makes it a unique and targeted magazine.

A magazine born to illustrate and promote Italy and its traditions, Italy and its innovations, Italy and its heritage

A digital magazine with all the potential that online projects have in terms of promotion to an extremely large number of interested users.

But Italian Traditions is a lot more: by exploring its world you will get a taste of a true surfing experience through a portal where the editorial and the purely commercial contents are perfectly balanced.
Through an editorial team of editors with deep expertise in different sectors, Italian Traditions finds space for general content and more specific advertorials. The editorials are alternated with in depth specials, real monographs dedicated to the Peninsula, to its regions and its pleasures.

From the great Italian destinations to the less well-known places of the Peninsula, from features dedicated to the excellence and curiosity of tradition (food and wine, folklore), from the nature trails that enhance the territory to the weekly articles about restaurants and chefs with timely and practical information on how and what to do, Italian Traditions is a universe, like Italy, to be explored, admired, loved.

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